Rates & Fees

From single units for one pet to suites for your family of dogs and condos for your favorite felines, we have the ideal accommodations for your companion's needs. Boarding rates vary, depending on the size (for dogs) and number of pets. Keep in mind that we charge an additional $1.00 for every night during the summer months and over holidays. Our fees are charged by the night.


Tri-Level Pen 16.00
Condo for One Cat $23.00
Condo for Two Cats $30.00
Condo for Three Cats $36.00


Small $20.00
Medium $21.00
Large $22.00


Family Suites for One Dog $31.00
Family Suites for Two Dogs $43.00
Family Suites for Three Dogs $51.00


Single Pen for Two Small Dogs $35.00
Single Pen for One Small and One Medium Dog $36.00
Single Pen for Three Small Dogs $41.00
Family and their pet dog - Grooming, Boarding in Finleyville, Pennsylvania

What to Bring

For your convenience, you are welcome to bring anything to make your pet's stay even more comfortable, such as their dog bed, favorite toys, and treats. (We do not accept people bedding; Example: Blankets, Pillows and Throws). We can provide bedding for them. Be sure to bring your pet's food. If you forget to bring your pet's food to prevent stomach upset, there will be a $2.00 charge per day.

For your added convenience, our staff of pet lovers is happy to administer medications of up to two doses two times a day at no charge. There's a 50¢ charge for any additional doses.
Grooming of puppy - Grooming, Boarding in Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Service Rates

If you drop off or pick up your pet before or after our regularly scheduled hours (with an appointment) there is a $37.00 fee. If you pick up your dog before the scheduled pick up date there will also be an overnight charge. Other fees include:

  • Grooming – $38.00 & up
  • Bathing – $14.00 & up
  • Play Time – $6.00
  • Pickup and Drop-off – $24.00 +.50 per Mile (round trip)